The Block System

The Block System was established in response to a need for local social support in regions far from Naha City (where the PA Support System is based). Okinawa is divided into eight areas, or “blocks,” headed by a volunteer “Blockhead” from the JET community. The blockhead helps both Muni and Ken JETs settle into their area, organize social events as well as provide information on their area and daily life (re: place to go, where the nearest supermarket is, etc.), but Blockheads are NOT responsible for helping with work-related issues.

Block Map with Labels

Block 1: The North (Nago, Kunigami) Alexander Numbers
Block 2: Upper Chubu (Okinawa City, Uruma, Yomitan) Brett Shintani
Block 3: Lower Chubu (Urasoe, Nishihara, Ginowan) Allessandra Watson
Block 4: Naha (Galen Chee)

Block 5: The South (Itoman, Nanjo, Yonabaru) Ian Fan
Block 6: The Outer Islands (Kume, Keramas, Daitos) Carmen Wiggins
Block 7: Miyako (Whitney Ellison)
Block 8: Ishigaki / Yaeyama (Nicholas Renaud)

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